START HERE – Summary of Your Complete Guide to Cryotherapy Chambers

START HERE – Summary of Your Complete Guide to Cryotherapy Chambers

We have put together for you, all the key aspects and considerations, in one central learning resource, to make buying a cryotherapy chamber as easy as possible for you. The guides cover both business and home users of cryotherapy chambers.

It makes no difference to us whether you read this and then buy from someone else, we are just happy to have been able to help and you never know where in the future, we can work together.

What puts me, in a good position to write these guides for you? Well, I have first-hand experience of owning my very own cryotherapy chamber for many years, combined with having sold cryotherapy chambers for the last 5 years, plus whenever I visit a new city, the first thing I look for, is the nearest cryo clinic, to have a go in and see what all the different models are like.

We hope you agree that this therefore puts me in a good place to write this guide to cryotherapy chambers at for you, and if you dont, dont bother reading!

In all, we currently have 18 guides for you on cryotherapy chambers, that cover the below subjects, of which more will be added once other longevity projects have been completed, and I can again dedicate more time to my fascination with cryotherapy.

Current Guides For You on Cryosaunas & Cryotherapy Chambers are:

C0 – Summary of Ralphs Guide to Cryotherapy (this guide!).

C1 – What is Cryotherapy?

C2 – How Do You Use a Cryotherapy Chamber?

C3 – Benefits of a Cryotherapy Chamber?

C4 – Safety and Dangers of Cryotherapy Chambers.

C5 – What’s the Difference Between Cryotherapy and an Ice Bath?

C6 – What’s the Best Type of Cryotherapy Chamber?

C7 – Is an Electric Cryo Chamber Better Than a Liquid Nitogren Cryo Chamber?

C8 – How Much Does a Cryotherapy Chamber Cost?

C9 – How Much Money Can You Make from a Cryotherapy Chamber?

C10 – How to Install Cryotherapy Chamber in a Clinic

C11 – Can you Have a Cryotherapy Chamber at Home?

C12 – How to Use Liquid Nitrogen for Your Cryotherapy Chamber

C13 – Long term Costs of a Liquid Nitrogen Vs Electric Cryotherapy Chamber

C14 – Startup Costs for Your New Cryotherapy Business

C15 – How to Finance Your New Cryotherapy Chamber

C16 – How to Lease or Rent Your Cryotherapy Chamber

C17 – How a Cryotherapy Chamber Benefits Your Hotel & Spa

C18 – Can You Have a Cryotherapy Chamber on Your Superyacht?

Future Guides I will be writing on cryotherapy chambers are follows:

  1. How cryotherapy would benefit a Sports Teams or Boxing/MMA gym?
  2. How Cryotherapy Benefits a Physiotherapist Clinic or Osteopath Practice?
  3. How Cryotherapy Benefits an Aesthetics Clinic?
  4. How Cryotherapy Benefits a Health Club and Gym?
  5. How Cryotherapy Benefits a Wellness Centre and Longevity Clinic?
  6. Cryotherapy Chamber Training?
  7. How a home cryotherapy chamber benefits those with arthritis and MS?
  8. How a home cryotherapy chamber benefits those with insomnia?
  9. How a home cryotherapy chamber benefits those with depression?
  10. How a home cryotherapy chamber can help you live longer?

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