Is Your Website Feeling Neglected?

Is Your Website Feeling Neglected?

We believe here at The Skin Repair Group that your website is just as important as your premises in order to create those important first impressions! So here is a question for you:

1. How many of you actually have a website (and not just facebook!)?

2. Of those that do have a website, how often are you getting it updated and refreshed to move with the times?

This month as we do every quarter we have been making sure our website adheres to the following:

1. Most up-to-date security, sometime back we updated our website so that is has one of the padlocks in the navigation bar as it’s now https:// and not just http://

2. We update the content to make it more informative and better aimed at answering your questions!

3. Add new videos to help your experience.

4. Make sure the mobile version of the site is functioning well.

5. The loading speed it optimized as fast as is possible.

All this helps to create a better user experience and means people are more likely to use us than go elsewhere! 

This does take time and regular care but we only do this every quarter so doesn’t take too much time in the scheme of things really, but I bet a lot of your competitors don’t even update their website annually never mind a few times a year…