Cheapest Way To Setup My New Beauty Business?

Cheapest Way To Setup My New Beauty Business?

When you start your new beauty business up, unless you have been fortunate to save a lot of money or can rely on others with deep pockets, your main objective is to keep costs down.


The cheapest ways to start your new business are covered in another article within “The Skin Repair Group Learning Centre” which talks about Home Salon’s or operating Mobile. However, here I want to cover the cheapest ways to actually opening your own beauty salon.


Possibly the cheapest way is to buy a beauty salon already operating! You will be surprised at what you can get for your money, especially if you can find a beauty salon where the owner has had enough or needs to retire very soon, then you often can get a bargain price for it.


Another good option is to buy a beauty salon that has not done so well in recent times and the owners are struggling financially, now as long as this is down to their mis-management and not the fact its in a very bad area, again you could find a real bargain here.


Now in my opinion not only do you get a lot of business for your money but arguably as important is the time it would have taken you to replicate what you have got all from the very beginning with little work, do you realise how time consuming it is to do the following, which are all needed for a successful sale:

  • Finding a suitable premise for your beauty salon.
  • Getting your beauty salon fitted out.
  • Furniture for your beauty salon.
  • Source and recruit staff.
  • Train staff.
  • Software systems.
  • Get your first customers.
  • Etc, etc…


You probably don’t if not done this before but learn the quick way from us, I have gone through such processes and it really is quite incredible how long it takes to get all these things done. So why do them yourself, when somebody else already has!

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