Can I Setup My Beauty Business Mobile or From Home?

Can I Setup My Beauty Business Mobile or From Home?

For those who don’t have the funds to buy an existing eauty salon or actually don’t want to, then having your own beauty salon at home or operating a mobile beauty business is a great alternative.


Below we look at the main advantages and disadvantages for you when considering the best way that suits you and your lifestyle to make your beauty business a success.


Advantages of a Mobile Beauty Business

  • Very little start-up costs, just your mobile treatment couch!
  • Can cover a large radius from home so not limited to a local market.
  • Lots of people love the fact you go to them, so they haven’t got to travel.
  • Fun being out and about.


Disadvantages of  Mobile Beauty Business

  • You have to setup and take down all your equipment for each treatment.
  • If people live in apartments or areas where parking is limited can make transporting equipment in and out very difficult.
  • The time it takes to travel between customers needs to be factored in and can be very time consuming especially if you live in an area with bad traffic eg city centres.
  • Peoples houses may not be clean, or they provide limited good quality work space.


Advantages of Home Beauty Salon

  • Never get stuck in morning and evening commuting traffic again!
  • Can easily fit customers in around you, when have a spare hour.
  • If have children you need to keep an eye on, you can still be around whilst earning money.
  • Can fit out the salon to a good standard which benefits your house yet put the costs through as expense reducing your tax return.


Disadvantages of Home Beauty Salon

  • Strangers are coming into your house, who you don’t know a lot about.
  • You may not have the space and a new extension is required or an external log cabin is required.
  • If you have the odd “mad client” they could be turning up to your house at strange times.
  • If working from home and not getting out alot you can get cabin fever and go a little mad being home all the time!


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