So you want to get rid of Wrinkles and Lines? Perhaps your skin is looking tired, aged and in need of a lift! So why is Skin Micro Needling using Dermapen now widely recognised as the newest most effective treatment on the market in the Anti-Ageing World and why is this exciting skin repair process becoming more popular and widely known by everybody…

Let’s first look at anti-wrinkle injections or botox as the world generally refers to them as! This is a very effective treatment at reducing the appearance of wrinkles however a quite a few significant draw backs. Side effects include swelling, tenderness, itching and headaches which are all very normal. As with all injections there is the risk of infection. Botulinum Toxin carries the risk of a droop. Due to the facial muscle being temporary inhibited you are often left with a rather emotionless frozen face, which we feel is most certainly not natural looking!

On top of this, why Botox becomes so addictive is that often patients wake up 3 – 9 months post treatment and the effects have quite literally worn off over night! Skin Micro Needling with Dermapen therefore is a fantastic alternative to Botox for those wanting a natural yet effective skin rejuvenation treatment that is permanent.

With Skin Micro Needling you don’t get this unnatural frozen look, as what we are actually creating is your own natural collagen (yes that amazing protein that makes us look young!), well technically we’re not, we’re actually tricking the body into recreating it when your production levels of it slow down. The result is therefore you just a few years younger. No headaches or droops or even uncomfortable frozen facial expression (no “have you seen that women over there, she can’t even move her face!”) just you but how you looked a few years younger.

That is why more and more people whether they be internationally recognised individuals to those not so high profile but still wanting to look their best forever, keeping that youthful healthy glow, are choosing Skin Needling, Micro Needling, Dermapen, Collagen Induction Therapy or whatever you want to call it (we prefer Skin Micro Needling).

The Skin Repair Clinic are the first specialist Skin Micro Needling Clinic in the UK (est 2010), this being all we do, so we have become pretty good at it over the years, we even offer training courses to those already in the “Looking Good Industry”. For more information on treatments or training then please call 01172 541 071 email

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