Benefits of Red Light & Near Infrared Therapy Beds?

Benefits of Red Light & Near Infrared Therapy Beds?

There are just so many benefits to red light therapy and like all of my favourite wellness and longevity therapies (Sauna, Cryo chamber, Ozone Sauna, EBOO IV Ozone Therapy, HBOT chamber and PEMF) they all help reduce inflammation, increase blood flow and increase your levels of energy, though do it in different ways e.g. red light uses light, HBOT uses oxygen and sauna uses heat. Though all sources of energy to the human body.

There is over 10,000 research papers on the huge and varied benefits of red light therapy, enough said!

Now that the science is over (and yes, I have deliberately kept it super brief as if like me, you care mainly about results we can let others go into the science!), let’s go into a bit more detail into the main benefits for you, therefore reason people regularly use red light therapy are:

  1. Anti-aging.
  2. Pain relief (reducing inflammation).
  3. Wound Healing.
  4. Hair growth.
  5. Increased Energy.



This was the main reason I got interested in red light and NIR therapy in the first place. We had a chain of regional anti-aging clinics and were always on the lookout for exciting new therapies for our clients and red light therapy was certainly that!

However, it was only with my own realisation that I would be 40 in a few years, that really gave me the kick up the back side to get moving on the red light therapy!

Red light therapy improves the production of your fibroblasts, which are very important in the quality and youthfulness of your skin. It’s the fibroblasts that produce that lovely molecule called collagen, that’s so key to a full and youthful face. Think of collagen as one of the support foundations of your face, like the bone and muscles underneath. The fibroblasts also produce your elastin which is key as to, you guessed it, your skin’s elasticity.

What does all this wonderful stuff mean to you and how you look? Well in a nutshell, it will reduce lines and wrinkles, plump your skin and what I notice from myself and others, is that it gives your skin a beautiful and radiant glow.


Pain Relief & Inflammation Reduction

Typically focused on chronic pain aka inflammatory based conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia as it speeds up the healing process and increases blood flow to problematic areas. The energy of a cell is critical to its health and red light gives your cells plenty of energy that for sure!


Muscle Recovery

Great for sports stars and those very active as the red light can reduce stiffness, pain and even muscle spasms. In this context it’s often referred to as photobiomodulation. The light energy restores cell function, stimulate blood flow and generally rejuvenates your cells. Which of course, in turn help you heal faster and reduce stiffness and pain.

There is also a study that linked red light therapy after weight training to increased muscles gains and of course faster recovery, dye to a reduced level of oxidative stress.


Would Healing

I personally would go in a HBOT chamber for this, however that’s not to say red light therapy has not been extensively proven to help, which it has thousands of times! In fact both would be a great option! It works by increasing the cells’ energy i.e. ATP production and increased fibroblast production. Yes, for the same reasons it help your skin to look younger, it helps your skin to heal!


Hair Growth

And yes, this has actually been scientifically proven and not just a few people’s experience! The type of hair loss most commonly experienced is male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia. Again the red light therapy works its magic by increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation to the scalp. With the blood flow, of course increased oxygen and nutrients are brought with it, all helping to fuel the regrowth of very welcomed hair!


Increased Energy

I left this one to last as most people don’t value this attribute and as everything is energy and I mean EVERYTHING, it’s ironically the most important of all the benefits. Though ironically all the above that it’s improving, mainly come down to its ability to increase energy!

Ever wonder why you are very tired when you are unwell? Well that’s because all your energy is going to fight the illness and repair your body, leaving very little left over to function as normal. Hence why you find yourself in bed or on the sofa with little energy (or desire) to do anything…

It’s all about the ATP increased production in our mitochondria that fuels our cells and therefore our energy. When human body cells drop drops below a certain energy level, around -20 millivolts (mV), chronic disease occurs. So by boosting the cell energy, we keep our bodies cells where they should be, at -20 to -25 millivolts, being full of energy and healthy.

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