Your Clinics Marketing Checklist

Your Clinics Marketing Checklist

Marketing & Sales Action Plan Checklist

For those who are new to the aesthetic and beauty industry I’ve put together a helpful checklist of marketing actions that you can implement to make sure you start on the right footing and get customer into your clinic and salon from day 1.

The below checklist is also handy for those who have been in business for sometime but finding that their clinic or salon could be busier!

What are you waiting for get started today and increase your profits to become a Profitable Clinic….

1. Facebook adverts – to your target customers.

2. Mail shots – to local houses within 5 miles radius.

3. Instagram – before and after photos and new devices.

4. Emotional Triggers.

5. Website – Not just a facebook page!

6. Youtube – Put videos of your staff, you clinic/salon, treatments etc

7. Email Automation – Send relevant emails to keep your clients educated and informed, not just sales emails on a regular basis automatically!

8. Sales Calls – Make sure you call all enquiries, the same day and call them back at least 5 times before giving up on them!

9. Covering Emails – write set emails for all your treatments to send out to new customers.

10. Treatment Guides – write a more detailed guide for each treatment to send with the above covering email.

11. Quarterly Offers – Send offers out during your quiet times with a 4 stage email, let them know it’s coming, then tell them it’s here, half way through tell them it’s going on and finally tell them when it’s almost over!

12. Customer Retention – Call all customers after a treatment to make sure they are happy and if there is anything else you can do. Stay in touch calling every 2 months to see if anything else you can offer them and continuously provide great advice.

13. Case study emails – Write case studies on customers you’ve treated who have been delighted and send this to all customers regularly and for all your treatments to cross and up sell.

14. Photography – Get high quality professional photos of your clinic/salon, treatments being performed, staff and anything else relevant.

15. Joint Venture (JV) Partners – Provide offers for .

This should get your beauty salon or aesthetic clinic on a strong footing for the future…