Author – Ralph Montague

Your probably wondering who writes all these articles and where their expertise comes from, so we thought we’d tell you a little bit more about our inhouse Longevity & Anti-Aging Expert Ralph Montague.

Ralph setup his first aesthetic clinic in 2005 having experienced first-hand the difficulties of running a clinic, so much so in fact, that it wasn’t long before unfortunately he had to return to the world of the employed, operating the business on a part time basis.

With time came extensive and profitable learnings, enabling Ralph a second time round to go full time with the business and alot of the learnings he shares are based on the hard struggles, extensive readings of some of the best books and research papers in the world combined with first hand in the game experience!

Ralph is founder and Managing Director of The Skin Repair Group a national training and equipment supplier, offering the best value business advice, technical support and cutting edge machines to help clinics maximise their profits.

Having helped thousands of clinics over the years combined with over a decade worth of experience, the comprehensive articles came about by lots of customers asking for the same advice time and time again. Which made it a simple decision to put pen to paper (well finger to key!) to create these comprehensive business articles to help making your Spa or Clinic both a success and profitable.

Below are some of the key experiences Ralph has achieved:

1. 15 years of industry insider knowledge.

2. Author of the first and leading UK aesthetics business bible The Proftiable Clinic, with another two books to be launched shortly.

3. Written articles for trade journals.

4. Spoken at key industry events.

We hope you enjoy the articles written to help you succeed and if there is anything you would like covered, please do get in touch and let us know, as I am sure if your needing the answers, so are others…

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