If At First You Don’t Succeed…!

When clinics, Spas and salons are quiet most people resort to more advertising, now I wholeheartedly agree that this is important, but what about all those past enquiries…

Yes, what about all those past enquiries indeed! You are sitting on a gold mine and not doing anything about it…

Want to find out what one of the cheapest ways to get NEW customer is? Well keep reading…

Your best chance of booking a treatment in is from your first call, which I am sure you are all more than aware of. Then with time, the chance of those enquiries converting decrease…

However, you can change this dynamic as a lot of people are still really keen even though their enthusiasm has subdued, they have simply forgotten! So, by picking up the phone again you are reminding them of what they wanted.

But how many times should I be calling these people? What happens if I call too many times and piss them off?

Well first thing to remember is they got in touch with you, they gave you their details because they wanted something and NOT you trying to sell them something cold!! That’s really important to remember.

Next is that if you call a few times and they don’t answer, then they may be genuinely busy and not ignoring you, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to you as I am sure you’re often too busy to take other people’s calls as well!

Now, think about it from your perspective, how often have you enquired about something and each time the company have emailed you or called and even though you have been too busy to take the call or reply to the email you’re glad they reminded you as you had forgot all about this, even though this service/product is of importance to you, well this is what also happens to your customers!

So don’t just call these people back two or three times, this is not enough! I personally believe even five is not enough, however this will still put you well ahead of the game. 

Our general rule of thumb is we will call someone up to 10 times, without a return of our voice message or missed call before we remove them from our call lists, if we have been a bit slack and not managed as many as 10 calls throughout the year, upon the anniversary of their enquiry we will remove them from our call lists.

What helps us is we have an email system that records all missed calls, this makes it easy to see the missed calls, you didn’t even know you had missed!

You can then record them in a spreadsheet or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and go about diarising the call backs.

This has proven highly effective for us, it allows you to really squeeze every last drop of juice out of your enquiries and also saves you a fortune on advertising.

Key Points

Can you see what calls you’re missing, if not you need a phone system that can track calls.

Are you recording all of these missed calls on a CRM system or spreadsheet?

Are you calling all of your enquiries at least 10 times before giving up, or only once or twice?