Are YOU Sterile?

Are YOU Sterile?

This I would arguably say is one of the biggest operational aspects facing your business NOW and forever.

It’s so important yet few people give it the attention it is due.

I appreciate for treatments like HIFU and Fat Freezing it may not be quite as important but when it comes to treatments such as Skin Micro Needling, this is absolutely critical.

We want to make you self-aware of what you are touching prior to touching your client.

What happens mid treatment when you have to leave the room and the door is closed?

  • Do you take off your gloves to open the door?
  • If not wearing gloves do you wash your hands afterwards before going back to the treatment?
  • When you wash your hands, do you wash them thoroughly as in all over and in between fingers, for at least 20 seconds while using good quality anti-bacterial hand wash?

Do you try to cut corners and re-use consumable items whether this is on the same clients or even different clients this needs to be stopped now!

Everything should be brand new per treatment if a consumable. For example, the same person having a Skin Micro Needling treatment 6 weeks later, needs to have a new needle cartridge regardless of the fact it’s the same person as in that time bacteria will develop and using that needle cartridge again, will cause infection.

Other things to think about that aren’t directly related to treatments are things such as storage. How and where do you store your equipment? Your consumables? Can other people or dust get access to these?

How often is your treatment room cleaned? How is it cleaned? Do you have a checklist of everything that needs to be done daily that’s ticked off and then recorded to prove this if every any issues or complaints in the future about infections?

You can really go to town on hygiene and making sure everything is sterile however often it’s just common sense, like would you touch your mouth or nose and then touch a client? Well I hope not anyway (not without washing your hands!).

All our training courses include best practices on cross infection, so that you’re not just being effective in the treatments you offer but also being safe in the treatments you offer.