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Are You Able to Offer Cryotherapy?

Not just anybody can offer cryotherapy, the type of space within your premises is the key driver as to whether this is an option for you. Below we address some important questions you’ll need to know before being able to go ahead with a cryotherapy chamber.

Unfortunately, we can’t supply cryotherapy chambers to those looking to place one in a basement due to the risk of asphyxiation from the liquid nitrogen. Nitrogen being heavier than oxygen tends to find the lowest point within a property.

Ideally ground floor is the best option for the accessibility of your liquid nitrogen supply, however upper floors are certainly not prohibited and are also fine to use.

A room needs to be of a minimum size in order to both fit the cryotherapy chamber in and allow for enough volume of air to maintain healthy oxygen levels.

Generally a room needs to be a minimum size of 6m2 or 2m by 4m in size (7ft by 13ft or 65ft2 ).

The floor in your room will need to be able to support at least 250kg in order to allow the cryotherapy chamber to operate safely, most rooms can easily accommodate this weight however for larger chambers this weight could go up to 350kg and then a solid concrete floor or similar basis would be required.

Though you may not have a hobbit size property, for a cryotherapy chamber to fit into your premises, it’s always worth double checking measurements as it could mean some windows being removed! That being said all we require is just 670mm width which makes it easy to fit in 99.9% of doors!

If you are performing more than 8 treatments a day, which a lot of you will be, it makes sense to use the pressurized application, and in this instance, it’s best to store the pressurized vessel outside with a connecting 120mm pipe.

If for home use or limited commercial activity and you’re doing under 8 treatments a day, then we recommend using a dewar application which fits nicely into the cryochamber itself meaning no holes in the wall!

The ideal room temperature is between 15 and 24 degrees centigrade.

A window is ideal, however if this is not possible then good ventilation is required. This is simple to arrange and we can provide experts to review this for you and provide a very competitive price on any installation needed to ensure the room is safe.

Just give us a call on 0203 519 2525 and we can go over everything in more detail. We have a checklist that we can go over with you for an initial remote check, then if we are happy that you most likely qualify, we can arrange one of our engineers to confirm and recommend the best course of action for you.


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